As part of TRIOMF’s venture in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which aims to eradicate the high costs involved with importing fertilizer, creating employment and ultimately building the industry as a whole, the concept of a “Farmer’s Bucket” was introduced. This “Farmer’s Bucket” is an all-in-one agri kit that will assist the small scale farmer to work a 25m x 25m (0, 16 hectare) patch of land. This kit will include everything needed from preparing the soil to harvesting. It consists of a heavy duty 25 litre industrial plastic bucket with a tamper-proof lid. Every bucket contains a step-by-step user manual, a pre-plant soil preparation product, seed, granular- and foliar fertilizer, as well as weed- and pest control products.
These “Farmer’s Buckets” will soon be distributed to small scale farmers throughout the DRC. A Roll-out of these “Farmer’s Buckets” are also being planned for Swaziland as well South-Africa.

Triomf SA Farmer's Bucket